Vasculyse – A safe, non-invasive and effective treatment.

How does the Vasculyse 2g work?

The Vasculyse 2G uses a mild current to induce coagulation within the distended capillary. The body then absorbs the unused capillary. This treatment is called thermocoagulation, the process by which unsightly, distended capillaries are absorbed and eliminated by the body.

This non-invasive procedure is relatively odorless.

A safe, non-invasive and effective treatment for any skin imperfections, provided by a new generation easy to use unit.


  • Treatments for women and men;
  • Instant results, fast and painless treatment;
  • Safe, non-invasive treatment;
  • 10 preprogrammed modalities;
  • User friendly Touch screen. 800 x 600 pixels;
  • Upgradable software via wifi

High frequency used for its germicidal, stimulating et relaxing effects.


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