New horizons in the world of microdermabrasion !

A new, highly effective professional skin rejuvenation device operating with a unique Turbo Flow Projection System.

Turbow flow

  • Give you a younger-looking skin thanks to a very effective professional application using the unique TURBO FLOW projection system;
  • Delivers an optimally distributed, even jet spray of pharmaceutical grade, high-purity
    corundum crystals;
  • Greater, more powerful suction for a quasi-total elimination of residue;
  • Easy to use disposable crystal cartridges;
  • Two types of specialized disposable synthetic polymer tips that ensure more secure and
    hygienic use;
  • Two external HEPA filters for added convenience and easy replacement;
  • Anti-static pipes allowing a fluid flow of the corundum crystals in order to avoid blockings and dysfunction of device.

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