Microdermabrasion “Crystal Free”

Microdermabrasion “Crystal Free” System

A unique, affordable, biocompatible, and ergonomically designed device!

The new crystal free system conceived for various uses on the face and the body is equipped with 4 surgical grade stainless steel biocompatible tips.

Hand held instrument engineered for optimal NATURAL FIT, ease of use, and an integrated, easy to replace HEPA filter to minimize consumables.

  • 4 types of biocompatible tips ranging from fine to coarse for a variety of rejuvenation applications.
  • Tips are manufactured in North America using SURGICAL GRADE stainless steel and are tested following ISO-10993-05 MEDICAL DEVICE BIOLOGICAL STANDARDS.
  • Tips are easy to clean and STERILIZABLE, ensuring safety for both users and patrons.
  • Crystal free system.

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