Massage Therapy

Happiness, is also to know how to give yourself time.

Swedish massage

The Swedish massage can be relaxing, emerging or even stimulant. It is carried out with firmness and delicacy. It also acts on the skin, the lymphatic system, the breathing and the whole nervous system. It provides a great muscular relaxation and increase the range of your movements. The massage techniques applies to the whole treated muscular mass. The relaxation this massage provides will bring a benefit on your whole muscular system and body.

Californian massage

The Californian massage is composed of fluid, continuous and enveloping movements. These operations invites to abandonment and allows to reach a state of opening for relaxation. It is a support to physical , nervous, emotional, mental and spiritual wellness.

Hot stones massage

This single therapy which uses stone of volcanic origin is an extremely effective method not only by the heating effect of the hot stone, which will relax muscles and tisues, but also because it influences the energy centers in order to create a perfect osmosis between the body and the mind. The use of hot stones applied to various points of the body makes it possible to give back a normal function to the rigid muscles in order to relieve the pains which harass us on a daily basis.

Focusing massage

The focusing technique includes six steps based on listening to the body’s senses (Lump in the throat, butterfies in the stomach, tightness in the chest). The person learns to listen her sensations and her emotions and that come from within her body and not from her mind.
She questions them and expects answers without analysis and without judgment. This method provides acces in an atmosphere of confidence to the memory and wisdom of the body. This allows the experimentation of blockages and conflicts, which lets emerge solutions previously inacessible to the conscious.

Pregnancy massage

The birth of a child is a single event in the life of a woman. The massage for the woman aims to decrease the pains caused by the physical changes resulting from the pregnancy. It provides a better blood and lymphatic circulation, while decreasing the muscular tensions for a better comfort.

This massage is safe for both the baby and the future mother and performed by a professional who has been trained for these specific massages.

Baby massage

This small ritual is primarily a whole moment of relaxation and complicity between parent and child. This massage is very relaxing. Most babies like this kind of soft and stimulative caresses. Such an affectionate contact can attenuate bad mood and/or irritability. It will provides other benefits like helping your baby with better sleeping (and you too). His sleep will tend to become deeper and longer. The massage contributes to a good digestion. It relieves constipation and stimulates the transit by decreasing the colics and gastric reflux. The massage also stimulates the cognitive development of your baby. Lastly, research shows that there’s a link between the massage and weight gain for the premature babies.

Foot reflexology

Reflexology is practised by applying sustained pressure, with the end of the fingers, on zones or reflexes points located on the feet. These points correspond to organs or organic functions. The foot, divided into reflexes zones , is the miniaturized representation of the human body. The art of reflexology consists in locating the tensions and the dysfunctions in order to improve the functions and to get back the normal reactions of the body.


Naturopathy is increasingly used by people wanting to find alternative and complementary care to traditional medicine. Naturopathy aim to maintain or restore a state of health and well-being through various exclusively natural means.In the naturopathic approach, all the dimensions of the individual is considered :

  • Manual techniques
  • Reflexology techniques
  • Energy techniques
  • Respiratory techniques
  • Phyto and Aromatology
  • Food alimentation
  • Physical activity
  • Psychic well-being
  • Hydrology
  • Radiation techniques

Price list

You can get our complete price list of our services here. You can check that out online or you can download it on your computer for further consultation. In case of DISPARITY between the prices of the website and those at Coiffure & Esthétique Beauregard, the prices at the center take precedence. Prices are subject to change without notice …

Massage Therapy

Our massage therapists are certified and recognized by the Fédération Québécoise des Massothérapeutes and they offer you the opportunity to eliminate accumulated stress, to invigorate your muscles and to relieve the muscular pains. The following are the different types of massages you can choose from:

  • Californian massage
  • Swedish massage
  • Hot stones massage
  • Pregnancy massage
  • Baby massage
  • Focusing massage
  • Reflexology
  • Naturopathy
In order to offer services to the greatest number of customers, we encourage you, if you can not attend your appointment and / or you must cancel it, notify us at least 24 hours in advance to avoid penalties. If you don’t do that, we are obliged to apply a 25% fees on the requested hairdressing service, a 30% fees on the aesthetic service and a 40% service fees in massage therapy.

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